Rhythm Keeper Volume 1, English Language

Rhythm Keeper Volume 1, English Language

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Strengthen your rhythm and watch your musical progress soar!


Music Teachers & Students! Don’t let another beat go by allowing rhythm insecurity hold you back! Our Rhythm Keeper is a fresh, progressive approach to understanding, internalizing, and mastering rhythm. All exercises can be used in lessons to train rhythm as a separate skill, as well as incorporated into weekly assignments to practice at home. The method is can be used by private studio teachers, general music teachers and even parents who may not have a musical background. 

Discovero this innovative new method for music students of all instruments and ages to learn the critical skill of rhythm reading. Developed by professional music teachers and musicians, the Rhythm Keeper is both student-tested and approved. Minimalist, clutter-free design and curated artwork play a large part in allowing Musikal Husky's music education products to not only look, but function at their absolute best. The Rhythm Keeper's KEY features include comprehensive and progressive rhythm pedagogy, lay flat binding, sustainable materials, ethical production process, proportional note spacing, clear notation, and friendly illustrations that will bring a smile to students of all ages.

  1. Flexible Design For Music Students of All Ages & Instruments
  2. Supplements All Other Learning Methods
  3. Comprehensive Introduction to Rhythm
  4. Learn HOW to Count All Major Rhythmic Values
  5. Highest-Quality Lay Flat Binding
  6. 100% Renewable & Sustainable Paper from Swedish Forests (Co2 Neutral!)
  7. Count & Clap: Easy-to-Grasp Visual & Written Instructions
  8. Warm Aesthetic
  9. Curated Illustrations
  10. Clutter-Free Layout
  11. Clean Notation
  12. Proportional Note Spacing
  13. Created for Teachers, by Teachers