for teachers, made by teachers

All Musikal Husky projects are approached with teaching and learning at their core. Along with the small team that develops the materials, the International Artistic Advisory Board and MH Contributors provide valuable insight and feedback. 







Steven Aho
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Percussionist, studio drummer, recording artist, producer, composer, arranger, orchestrator, transcriber, chart-making extraordinaire, jazz pianist.


Samantha Steitz
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Holistic music educator, classically-trained pianist, Suzuki Method instructor, author & composer, creator of MH games, books, and products.





Stephanie Delancey
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Head Designer, writer, professor, mother of two, graphic designer.



Maggie Chiang

Illustrator, designer, musician, and part-time dreamer.



Valerie Maltseva



Artistic Advisory Board 

We believe that good products should not only be beautiful, but also the most effective on the market. Our International Artistic Advisory Board reviews all upcoming products during our development stage to ensure that MH products are teacher-approved and student-tested. 

Our board consists of top professionals in the music teaching spheres of Europe and America, as well as dedicated soloists and performers.  

2018 International Artistic Advisory Board

John Best
Caroline Campbell
Diana Galindo
Hao Huang
Marina Obukovsky
Jonathan Ovalle
Stephen Pierce
Betty Trobisch