We take sustainability & environmental concerns very seriously at Musikal Husky. Here's how. 


Sustainable, Environmentally-Friendly Materials & Production 

All Musikal Husky products are made with the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, and high-quality materials we could find. Our books are printed on Artic Design Paper (think 'cashmere' if cashmere could be paper) originating in the forests of Sweden.

  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Renewable materials

Sustainable Printing & Process 

All Musikal Husky products are printed and bound ethically in the EU. In contrast to outsourcing to faraway lands where both quality and labor integrity cannot be gauranteed, our team has enjoyed frequent visits to our wonderful printing facility, a family-run business that supports ethical business practices and workers' safety. 


Our Responsibility Toward our Carbon Footprint

In our opinion, not all books or products are really worth the carbon footprint. That's why we only publish, print and distribute the resources that are truly worth the carbon footprint inherent in today's climate of international and/or domestic shipping. 


Quality, Quality, Quality

As we write in our first print publication the Rhythm Keeper, our "books are meant to be cherished for a long, long time." This is a direct philosophical contrast to many music education materials that are meant to be discarded after use. 

Our books are filled to the brim with educational content, exercises, and concise concept explanations. Our resources will take time to work through. And after they've been reviewed, revisited and repeated, we hope they will remain on your music library shelves as a warm and fuzzy memory of your time learning.