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It’s all worth it! Enjoy the ride! Start early. Develop genuine love for music. Children ride the wave of the parents.
— Diana Galindo, Teacher Trainer

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We, as musicians, are all responsible for being good rhythm keepers.
— Steve Aho, MH co-founder


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Rhythm Keeper
By Steve Aho, Samantha Steitz


Music Teacher & Parent Testimonials

"This is it! This is the rhythm instruction book teachers and students will love and appreciate. Rhythm Keeper presents an easy-to-teach method, logical in its progression, with a very attractive, uncluttered format. The illustrations are delightful! This book would be excellent for a teacher with a studio of young students, or for independent-learning adults who love to play or sing but never really "got" how to count."  -Verified Amazon Customer

"In over thirty years as a teacher and professional musician, Musikal Husky’s Rhythm Keeper is one of the most comprehensive books I have seen on the subject of teaching rhythms. Whereas most rhythm technique books present a variety of rhythms with little or no instructions, simply a collection of exercises, Rhythm Keeper presents lessons in a clear, easy to read format with wonderful illustrations. One of the best features of the book is the inclusion of drawings of hands, showing them in clapping and resting positions. My students found these very helpful and immediately increased their understanding of the relationship between clapping and the actual rhythms being learned. Another wonderful feature is the accurate and clean spacing in the music notation where students can easily see the relationship between the duration of notes and amount of physical space they occupy in the music. Whereas almost every book I’ve seen has notes spread according to the confines of the page, Aho and Steitz have carefully aligned the note spacing so it is easily read by the students. For example, a half note should take up twice as much space as a quarter note and the notation in this book does so in a way that students can readily make visual connections via proportional notes spacing. All instructions in the book are written clearly and logically and need no clarification for the student. The format of Rhythm Keeper is perfect. The pages are clean and free of any clutter, purely a visual work of art and far beyond the competition in every way." -Eric Wenstrom