Our mission at Musikal Husky is to develop, create and publish effective, progressive, and beautiful music education materials.



Our pedagogy is based on years of hands-on teaching experience. Actually, we are fairly obsessed with it.  All of our products are tested on hundreds of students, as well as thoroughly reviewed by our devoted board of trusted teaching colleagues. We believe that creating pedagogical materials is an enormous responsibility and privilege because teaching music is an enormous responsibility and privilege.  


minimalist design & illustrations

Our minimalist, nature-inspired design is the icing on the cake.

The entire team at Musikal Husky is comprised of individuals who not only have a profound love for music and a vested interest in arts education, but who also love art & design. Our books are more than pages with instructions: they're an experience from start to finish. Every detail has been meticulously poured over, from the choice of materials, to the graphics, to deciding what products are really 'worth' the carbon footprint. We care about every detail because our children and students deserve that attention. 

All illustrations found throughout our products place animals and nature at the center. They are far from stock images, but rather curated over months with our artist, Maggie Chiang. Each piece tells a story, but only part of one. The rest is for our imaginations to decide. 


holistic living & teaching

A holistic living and teaching philosophy lays the foundation for all of our work. A holistic teaching approach addresses the whole child and seeks to build self-esteem through mindful music study. Our monthly blog series, The Holistic Teacher,  offers ideas on how teachers themselves may lead healthier, happier and more balanced lives within the context of a busy and demanding job. 


who and what is this mythical musikal husky? 

In fact, Leika is a real dog who enjoys howl-singing to music, especially the piano pieces she heard as a tiny puppy. As a three year old, energetic and playful dog, she now sings with articulation, dynamics, phrasing and pitch. Leika's story reinforces our belief that when children are raised in a musical, encouraging, and collaborative environment, they will naturally and joyfully manifest their inherent musicality.