Musician & Teacher Wellness

Unfortunately, no face wash or magic potion will change how you teach or play a concert. However, what you put in and onto your body may make you happier and more confident, which may help you teach and play a concert.

That's our goal with the Musician & Teacher Wellness page. 

At Musikal Husky, we do not embrace or condone any particular lifestyle, diet, or trend. We're just here to share some inspiration for healthy living and things that have helped us thrive and feel our best.

We hope you enjoy our curated list of blogs, apps, books, resources and product links.


Mindful Living

Blogs We Love:

Apps We Love:

Playbook provides workouts you can do from home if you're too crunched for time to get to a gym. Melissa Wood Health shares 12-20 minute workouts great for musicians of any age (core-strength, breathing, mindful movement).

Blinkist offers books in "blink" slides if you're short on time. There is also an option to listen to these overviews. 

Headspace is a meditation app. "Meditation Made Simple: Great Things Happen In Calm Minds" 
Meditation is a great tool for musicians, whether it is before a concert, audition, practice, or just starting your day out right.  

To De-Stress:


Mindful Self-Care

Self-Care General Strategies:

  • Avoid any unnecessary stress 
  • Invest time, effort, and money into self-care
    (You're worth it!)
  • Sleep for 8+ hours/night
  • Drink water
    (Would you rather look like a grape or raisin?)
  • Limit interpersonal conflict 
  • Say no (politely but unapologetically) to work that doesn't serve you 

Wh Us Thrive: