a note from the musikal husky team

teachers & students,


Firstly, thank you for being here! We're happy you're taking the time from your busy day to read this message. 

We started Musikal Husky because we needed a more clear, modern, and progressive approach to teaching important music concepts. Unlike big publishing houses, our goals are not driven by "numbers" or "bottom lines." We simply hope to provide excellent learning materials to teachers and students. 

Why? Because, as you're probably aware, teaching and/or studying an instrument is incredibly difficult! Why make anything harder than it already is?! Our idea is to simplify, remove the clutter, and break it down. 

Another reason we started Musikal Husky was because we simply couldn't find the materials we needed. For example, a book on how to count; a reading book with all the essentials: sight-reading, rhythm reading and a weekly reading piece; or background audio tracks to help our students gain a better sense of time feel and have more fun during practice.

These products come from our hearts and minds directly to serve you and your needs. Our musical journeys will shape our lives, and will likely change us all for the better. That's why we're here. We love what we do and just want to make it that much more simple.

Our aim is to illuminate, enrich and empower students and teachers alike through beautifully-illustrated, meticulously designed, and methodically composed educational materials. We hope they might make your musical journey a lot easier and a little more magical, too.   



The Musikal Husky Team
September 2017



My imagination can picture no fairer happiness than to continue living for art.
— Clara Schumann